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Name Lucia
Height 168 cm - 5'' 6'
Weight 57 Kg - 125.7 Lb
Bust 93cm - 36.6'
Waist 63cm - 24.8'
Hips 95cm - 37.4'
Hair Platinum
Eyes Brown
Ethnicity Spanish
Age 28
City Geneva
State/Region Geneva
About me:
Meeting new people is one of the simple joys in life and something I am very passionate about. Spending time with me is an adventure; my energy and enthusiasm combined with exotic beauty and intellectual prowess takes you to places you’ve never imagined. My companionship is always time well spent and I guarantee you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. Therefore, I prefer to spend at least two hours with you; I’d like to get to know you on many levels. One day this is my minimum requirement to provide company travels However, I do understand the restraints of time and will accept one night outcall endeavors. Travel Engagement rate will be discussed depending on duration and location, for travel dates, please inquire with a brief description of your plans. Please keep in mind that my donations are not negotiable.
1 A XS Swiss

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