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Privacy Policy

respect your privacy. Any personal information you provide to us is kept secure and confidential and used only for the purposes for which is provided, and will not be passed to a third party.


The purpose of this entire website is forrepresentation of all our members. All photographs and images on these pages are copyrighted to the member, photographer or the agency. has received permission from the member to use these images for his/her promotion only. If any images, photographs or statements are a concern of copyright or trademark infringement, please contact info@xsagency.com for immediate response and compliance.


To be signed by both parts : Client/s and Model/s Every request for our services implies a warranty that you have read and agreed the legal note.

Meetings are arranged a maximum of two months in advance, save where arrangements have to be made for a journey or a travel. It's not useless to arrange a meeting many days ahead.

Legal note:
This site http://www.xsagency.com belongs to the Swiss cyberspace and accordingly is subject to the law of Geneva and the Swiss Confederation. Consequently any one visiting this site is required to obey the laws and regulations of the Swiss Confederation and the Canton of Geneva both while visiting the site or taking advantage of the services promised and organized from this site. Furthermore any person applying for our services must make sure that such services are legal in their own country. The services we provide are to be a companion as that term is understood in countries such as Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, USA, Canada and many other democracies. Our services include in particular artistic performances, cabaret shows, strip-tease, "exhibitions", anti-stress massage (not medical), relaxation, conversation, Celtic songs, accompanying you shopping, sightseeing, concerts, cabaret shows, dinners, clubs, nightclubs, travel etc….. The services we provide as a companion do not attract any supplementary payment should a sexual relationship develop. Such relationship would take place within the private life of mutual consenting adults. Furthermore our international activities are based in and organized from this site and are subject to the laws of the Swiss Confederation and the Canton of Geneva. We are therefore subject to professional confidentiality in relation to the private lives of others.

• Ethical Charter
• 1. Professional confidentiality: In accordance with the provisions relating to personal privacy in Swiss law, We undertake never to reveal to any one the identity of persons who have enjoyed our services, unless the request is made by the Swiss judicial authorities.
• 2. Human relationships: Our services are based upon genuine companionship. we undertake to provide a quality service founded above all on a human relationship. Our services are not provided just as a commercial bargain. It is essential for us to build up a genuine relationship of mutual attraction .
• 3. Damage to one's private life: Our services are generously and freely given. If a sexual relation happen between a man or a woman there is no financial remuneration whatsoever. We only charge for companionship at dinners, cabarets, sightseeing tours or business engagements. Any other interpretation would be an unjustified privacy attack .
• 4. Honesty: We undertake to be completely honest with our clients. All payment need to be made in advance If we cannot for personal reasons or reasons outside our control provide such service for the full period agreed, we undertake to refound so much of the sum as relates to such period.
• 5. Verbal agreements: In so far as our verbal agreements are understood and expressly accepted by each party they are under Swiss law as valid as written contracts. therefore we undertake to honor all verbal agreements.

We are afraid that we cannot partake in any intimate massage or sexual services for monetary recompense. Our agency fees are for companionship only. Should models and clients find reciprocal attraction and partake in any intimate liaisons, it is in the strict understanding that it will be a matter of choice between two consenting adults. Money sex exchange is strictly undertaken.

Anti-Discrimination Policy - Termination of Subscription Notice
Although we thank you for your interest in www.xsagency.com and our outstanding network of resources, we regret to inform you that your subscription is hereby canceled. Based upon information that we have received and reviewed, we do not believe that your participation in the xsagency.com network reflects the views and policies that we adhere to. xsagency.com is committed to a policy against discrimination of individuals based upon race, gender, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, political affiliation, marital status in all of its activities or operations. Accordingly, access to the xsagency.com network is available only to subscribers whose practices are consistent with this policy.